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February 3rd, 2009

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09:29 am - WTF Astrology

Dear Taurus, Here is your horoscope for Tuesday, February 3:
You're not quite yourself today and that could mean that your friends are getting worried. Try to reassure them that it's just a short-lived phase, but if you've got to endure an intervention, so be it.

Er... my tummy is upset from all the crap I ate this weekend. I regret nothing! Nothing, I tell you!

Tweets for Friday 30 January 2009.

  • 12:38 Dear Lane Bryant, if you want me to buy your products, don't include the image of a polo shirt with the phrase "fabulous looks." Just don't. #
  • 14:18 je je, suis libertine; je suis une catin; je je, suis si fragile; qu´on me tienne la main #
  • 16:28 Delicious poll chickgonebad.insanejournal.com/259141.html #

Tweets for Saturday 31 January 2009.

  • 22:52 hyperactive children should be harnessed as an energy resource #
  • 22:54 spent time chatting with an RC priest at a party. neither of us burst into flames. win! #

Tweets for Sunday 1 February 2009.

  • 09:41 mylene farmer "fuck them all" stuck in my head #

Tweets for Monday 2 February 2009.

  • 12:20 at Franklin Mills while M washes his car. It's warm out! Yay! #
  • 12:27 there's some strange man outside spraying the car with a large hose #
  • 18:51 went to Mutter Museum, had a great time. They don't allow photography, sadness. #
  • 18:55 oh stupid people, why must you drive in front of me? #
  • 19:12 snowplows lurking by PA tpke. #
  • 19:22 snowing! yay!!! #
  • 22:03 why oh why are my genetics such a bitch #
  • 22:31 Dude, Martha Washington was hawt. tinyurl.com/cr2bfy #
  • 22:37 left ear totally clogged. Me = vexed. #
  • 23:38 Dear OkCupid guy, "A lot." Not "alot." Did you somehow miss elementary school? It appears that English is your first language... #
  • 23:41 What about "I am not interested in a long distance relationship" is hard to understand? #
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