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February 24th, 2009

[info]chickgonebad11:07 am - Horror-Scopes!

Astrology.com sez: Your friends are waiting for something from you and even if you don't know what's up you still need to perform. It's one of those days when you're at the center of your social circle.

Jonathan Cainer sez: We live in a very sensible world. It is governed by very sensible authorities, upholding very sensible rules. Hence, the credit crunch. The banking crisis. The Madoff scandal. The Stanford mystery. And all the other chaos now unfolding in the realm of the rich, influential and respectable. It has long since been no secret that if you scratch the surface of the establishment, you will find plenty of corruption beneath. Comet Lu Lin, is now exposing an awkward truth in your world. But it is also helping you face an essential fact.

Freewill Astrology sez: I know where actor Sean Penn lives. It's a few miles from where I am right now. An out-of-town friend of mine who's an aspiring screenwriter is pleading with me to drive by Sean's house and hurl a hard copy of her latest script over the high wall that affords him and his family privacy. My friend imagines that Sean will find it, read it excitedly, and call her up to begin negotiating for rights to use it in a future film. I may do what she asks. It's my policy not to discourage people's fantasies about making the connections they need, even if they're far-fetched. In that spirit, Taurus, I urge you to pursue any hunches you might have about forging alliances that could further your dreams.

Um... yeah. I got nothin. Y'all got any clues?

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