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March 31st, 2009

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12:10 pm - Tuesday Poll

Poll #3444 Two for Tuesday
Open to: All, results viewable to: All

What is fallacio?

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a fallacious blow job
3 (37.5%)

proof that someone needs a spell checker
8 (100.0%)

the art of fellating a tiki god
3 (37.5%)

surprise buttsecks
2 (25.0%)

your mama
0 (0.0%)

1 (12.5%)

the art of using a spell checker
2 (25.0%)

one of the signs of the coming apocalypse
4 (50.0%)

a sign that you shouldn't write to people on OkCupid
6 (75.0%)

a thinly veiled personal attack on [info]osym
4 (50.0%)

[info]chickgonebad posted a poll on Tuesday because she:

View Answers

doesn't feel like posting anything of substance
4 (50.0%)

thinks the word "fallacio" is funny
6 (75.0%)

is tired of people who don't use their goddamn spell checkers
6 (75.0%)

thinks that people ought to know the difference between "stile" and "style"
4 (50.0%)

is going to nonconsensually sodomize the next person who misuses the words "your" or "you're"
8 (100.0%)

can't exactly masturbate at the office
6 (75.0%)

wants to make a thinly veiled personal attack on me personally!
5 (62.5%)

isn't allowed to drink beer in the office
5 (62.5%)

didn't think a long rant about the stupidity of humanity would be nearly so entertaining
6 (75.0%)

is not your mama and can't think of a good "your mama" joke
3 (37.5%)

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