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April 27th, 2009

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06:46 am - The bluebird of happiness sez...

Tweets for Sunday 26 April 2009.

  • 17:11 baking cinnamon scones; will likely head home at dusk to avoid sunburn #
  • 19:24 on the way home from scenic Trevose #
  • 19:53 saw three white-tailed deer who are clearly shedding their winter coats, and not a moment too soon #
  • 20:13 baby guernsey for the cute! #
  • 21:24 you never go ATM! #
  • 22:04 nts call cvs #
  • 22:04 nts call wells fargo #
  • 22:05 nts call wade #
  • 22:05 nts tea menu zo buying list #
  • 22:11 meh, getting home later than I'd hoped. otoh no new sunburn #
  • 23:00 Home! Safe! Have learned that food consumed after 9pm does not stay down. Educational! #
  • 23:18 Melanie was sleeping outside, which she often does when the weather is warm. She came in for pettins and a cookie, though. #
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