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May 3rd, 2009

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12:04 am - The bluebird of happiness sez...

Tweets for Saturday 2 May 2009.

  • 11:44 G says, "I have just been prank called by my yogurt." For reals, the cup asks, "Is your refrigerator running?" #
  • 13:19 waffle house! we shall see if it stays where it's supposed to stay #
  • 16:33 moved parental loveseat, end tables, tv, and lamps into their new home; now getting soda and heading back to the people's republic of md #
  • 18:31 having dinner w/G at Ledo. There's a guy here from my okc quiver. Totally glad I clicked "I'm not interested." #
  • 20:25 Boys are dumb. RT @InaraSerra Reviewing offers from prospective clients. When will men stop confusing "ownership" with "love"? #
  • 20:44 Watching "Across the Universe" with G. It's true, I'm a 21st Century free love hippie freak. #
  • 21:02 "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" is one of the hottest songs on the planet, and it has so few lyrics. #
  • 21:15 Holy crap this is funfaired up #
  • 21:22 He shall fall down into the pit called Because, and there he shall perish with the dogs of Reason. #
  • 23:50 Drinking cider, watching "Weeds." #
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