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May 4th, 2009

[info]chickgonebad09:12 am - Tweets!

Tweets for Sunday 3 May 2009.

  • 00:28 I should go to bed #
  • 13:52 Home from Waffle House. The rainy weather has me very draggy. Food staying down so far, however, so, WIN! #
  • 13:58 426,750 in Bookworm: "wordhoarder." WTF is a wordhoarder? #
  • 14:05 Spam du jour: "Turn your meat battleship on!" I am not making this up. #
  • 17:49 Courtesy of @artful_username, Nazi zombies! en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dead_Snow #
  • 18:21 I wish there was a Ben & Jerry's in Hagerstown. There is not, alas! #
  • 18:59 Bad mood. I require cabana boys, or at least promises of being spoiled and lavished with male attention. *grumble* #
  • 19:20 I found an old friend from high school on Facebook, & she's friends with the guy who date raped me/took my virginity... ugh, mixed feelings #
  • 19:33 blargh #
  • 20:16 Argh #
  • 21:04 Had a lovely bath. Clean (in body) now! #
  • 21:28 Opinion check: kosher to ask exes for... um... references? #
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Taurus horoscope for Monday, May 4: Romance is on your mind now -- and you can easily turn heads! If you're committed to one person, spend some extra time together or sneak away on your own for a while to reconnect together.

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