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May 7th, 2009

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09:04 am - Horoscope, twitter, stuff

Taurus horoscope for Thursday, May 7: Let your passions flare up today -- no matter where you are! It may make for a romantic night or a workday filled with battles, but no matter what happens, you should feel right about it all.

Tweets for Wednesday 6 May 2009.

  • 13:45 hurray for maine!!! #
  • 15:11 RT @dceiver Gov. of Maine just signed a same-sex marriage bill. Can I get a Suck it, @nomtweets !? YES! Suck it @nomtweets! #
  • 16:37 "This is not that unusual. Cows turn themselves inside out all the time." #
  • 17:56 "What has America come to? Kids won't even kill their own grandparents!" #
  • 18:24 "Dude! He turned Kenny into a duck billed platypus!" #
  • 20:10 RT @dceiver: Anti-choicers attack Judy Blume w/ hate mail & DEATH THREATS. Stand up for Judy & Planned Parenthood! is.gd/xkdm #
  • 21:19 It's pouring down rain. Just discovered a new leak in the roof. :-( #
  • 23:07 So, if you think homosexuality is wrong because of Leviticus, do you also count the Omer? Suck it @nomtweets! tinyurl.com/4cothz #
  • 23:36 Okay, I go to bed now. #

Tweets for Tuesday 5 May 2009.

  • 07:17 Okay, time to go to work. Don't wanna! #
  • 08:43 poor G had 3 teeth pulled yesterday, so needless to say he's exhausted #
  • 09:13 Setting up "queen for a day" at Bad Hair Day. They say it takes 6 hours. Wow. #
  • 10:32 Teehee! RT @anamariecox Robert Kuttner says "stimulus package is too small by a factor of 3." Dude, speak for yourself! (Size queen.) #
  • 10:49 Is anyone in the DC/Baltimore area, other than me, seeing Nightwish tonight? #
  • 11:18 Got my sample of Astroglide X, and it's quite nice! Thanks, @AstroglideBrand ! #
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Nightwish in Baltimore was fun. I didn't enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the show at Jaxx, and after some pondering, I know why. Firstly, I don't like general admission shows. Yes, Jaxx was general admission, but there was a bar where I could sit down when I didn't want to stand up anymore. It's true that I tend to stand through most of a concert anyway, but I want it to be my decision. Also I hate being crowded (there was a small young woman whose head desperately needed me to pound my elbow into it, and a jackass who really needed my knee in his ass). Anette's voice sounded thin, and I could barely hear her a lot of the time -- this may be a sound system issue, not a voice issue, but it still detracted from my enjoyment. I was also a bit saddened at Nightwish's loss of goth points - Anette turned her hair blonde. Admittedly I don't know which is her natural hair color, but she looked more like an ad for Hello Kitty this time around. Disappointing.

In other news, I figured out why my stomach is so messed up. Yeah, it's parental stress to some extent, but what's really making it hard to hold food down is another situation I can't stomach. I am pretty sure there's no way to address it directly, so I won't (as the Beatles said, "There's nothing you can do that can't be done"). I'll just stop having anything to do with it. Cutting ties always hurts and causes emotional bleeding, but it will hurt less if I just do it and have done with it.

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