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May 8th, 2009

[info]chickgonebad08:43 am - The Bluebird of Happiness Sez...

Tweets for Thursday 7 May 2009.

  • 07:27 my g.i. issues may be rooted in parental stuff, but present-day reality makes it worse. *sigh* #
  • 07:34 nts call la fitness, wells fargo, progressive #
  • 07:46 if I know a situation is making me quite literally sick, do I bother saying anything about it, or just sever as many ties as I can? #
  • 09:30 Lyrics charmingly NSFW. bit.ly/17P8aB Suck it, @nomtweets! #
  • 09:41 I love my friends. I love the CGBs. I love my life. I know Mercury is retrograde, but he helped me make a decision & it's a good one. #
  • 14:59 Feeling healthier since I made the decision. Thanks again to @queenohearts, @SilverAdept, and @basilwhite. #
  • 15:56 I think we need DTMFA t-shirts #
  • 18:09 nothing like seeing a car with a big "CERTIFIED pre-owned" sticker on it... behind a tow truck #
  • 18:39 not sure what I think of Lancome's mascara primer #
  • 18:45 omg boxer puppy! #
  • 18:51 I have magical disappearing shoes #
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Taurus horoscope for May 8: Your jealous side comes out with a vengeance today -- and anyone who has neglected you lately is likely to feel the burn! You can teach lessons that can never be forgotten if you feel like it.

Knowing that one has made the right decision doesn't make it any less painful. I would like to go home, pull the covers over my head, and cry. But I can't. So I'll just go on, like I always do.

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