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April 17th, 2009

09:08 am - Twittering

Tweets for Thursday 16 April 2009. Read more... )

Also, in the I'm not really surprised, considering that my mother puts the "fun" into "dysfunctional" department, my horoscope today says: Expect quite as bit of acting out today -- your family and coworkers are all trying to out-weird each other, it seems! If you can just roll your eyes and let them play, you should find that they settle down soon.

I've been rolling my eyes, because there is little else I can do. It wouldn't surprise me greatly if my mother sold off my grandparents' Chinese furniture just to spite me, but I'm hoping she won't. As Valmont said, numerous times, "It's beyond my control."

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June 2nd, 2008

09:33 pm - Gee, could today suck any more?

Y'all know how today started. Things were sucky, then they calmed down a bit.

I got this email when I got home tonight:


    I took Fred to the hospital this a.m. via ambulance as he could not walk by himself well enough to get to the car.
    He had a temp. over 100 and was a bit shaky - at the ER it was higher...
    His blood sugar was 300+ this a.m. at home. It was over 500 at the ER.
    And he has pheumonia - again. And. found he has an infection ( again? still? )
    When he was tested at the Dr. (last week?) no infection was found - assumed gone - after treating it for about a month.

    He is doing better. Sleeping mostly. But better.
    I guess he will be there for a "few" days so will probably miss the meeting.


I am SO unamused. This means he's back to all his bad dietary habits, no doubt. I am tired of being the adult in the family.

I guess I have to call my aunt tomorrow...

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(Bitch, Please)

March 30th, 2008

08:40 pm - My Sundae Brings All the Boys to the Yard

Scones, tea, and sympathy delivered to lizs18. I managed to run ridiculously late, arriving just as the last dregs of stuff were leaving her former apartment. Gave N a ride to the Metro. Drove up to lizs18's temporary new place, and arrived as G & C were loading the final wardrobe (no lion and witch seen within) into the townhouse. lunapuna heated water, while I put out tea and scones as dessert with the pizza lizs18 provided to her fabulous moving crew. I <3 American moving feasts.

Went to zombiedog's bday party, which was fun. Sadly, I was kinda tired, so probably not as social I might have been otherwise. Took some pictures at the party, which may appear here later. Had fun. Poor larpwriting was so tired that he fell asleep in the bathroom after getting fairly shitfaced. This caused us some degree of concern, because when someone is in the bathroom for a long time after a night of hard drinking... well, you get the idea. He was actually fine... though I suspect he could use to have more than one hour of sleep a night now and then.

This morning we had brunch with auror, ran a few errands, and headed home. Fed the cats "prime filets" turkey gooshyfood. This was met with much enthusiasm. Then I fell asleep and napped for several hours.

Had a fun little expedition to one of the local ice cream parlors. Sunday is officially "[info]chickgonebad gets ice cream" day. This is part of my effort to cut back on sweets. I have found that if I have the promise of a treat in the future, it's easier not to take an immediate treat. I can just tell myself, "Well, I get to have ice cream on Sunday." So I did, and so did larpwriting.

Now I am home running laundry. And slacking. Mostly slacking, but larpwriting will have clean pants for work tomorrow. I may have accidentally placed one of my bras into the dryer... this should be interesting.

In other news, I am getting a bit alarmed by how much it costs to fill the gas tank these days. It's rather offputting when one wonders whether one can afford to drive to work! (Public transportation still costs more, alas).

Here's why sometimes I have to hit men on the head with a clue-by-four, as seen on somewanker's journal: Clueless Guys Can't Read Women

My father gets outpatient prostate surgery done Monday. No, I didn't know there was a problem until now. My family really does put the fun into dysfunctional. I have to mention, also, that I simply don't find the idea of microwaving someone's crotch to be a good idea under any circumstances.

Fascinating to me: 'Doe Network' works to give names to the dead. Sounds kinda like puzzle solving, admittedly, a bit macabre. Maybe I'll get into this when I've traced my ancestry as far as I can from home.

Unexpected beauty (NSFW): This woman is beautiful. Look at her beaming smile!

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March 7th, 2008

02:43 pm - No help from the doctors


I just spoke to my father's doctor, after speaking to the patient advocate.

I'm getting no support from that quarter. "While I might want him to be on a restrictive diet under normal circumstances, right now he's in sepsis and we're giving him insulin to control his sugar, so we might as well feed him whatever he likes."

My opinion is that a high level of blood sugar pretty much turns the body into a petri dish for infections. The doctor claims that Daddy's blood sugar is good. Since he's the doctor, and my mother is the next of kin, there's not a helluva lot I can do at this time.

I can (and will) raise hell with my mother about making healthier choices. It probably won't do any good. I mean, this is someone who has been married to my father for 45 years; yet she claims she can't tell if my father's face looks normal. Dude, WTF?

She was feeding him pancakes this morning when my aunt was trying to talk to him on the phone. Passive-aggressive posturing, much? Trying to stop her from talking to my father? Trying to show off how well she's caring for him? Who the hell knows? It wasn't conducive to her speaking with him, and he's still not all that coherent.

My aunt said, "I can't yell at him when he's like this." Neither can I. But I can damn well yell at my mother.

I am so angry right now. All the doctors want to do is shove pills down his throat and into his veins. No dietary changes, no vitamins, no nothing. Do these people not read research? Am I the only one who understands addiction in this entire group of people? Aside from my aunt, I mean, who experienced my grandfather's alcoholism firsthand.

It's really no wonder that my stomach is tied up in knots. What the hell, maybe this will at least help *me* lose weight.

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March 6th, 2008

10:45 pm

I visited my father at the hospital again this evening. It wasn't good. The nurses had given him oxycontin for pain and he was pretty badly out of it. I don't know how much was drugs and how much was illness. Sometimes he knew who I was, sometimes he didn't; sometimes he knew where he was, and sometimes he didn't. He didn't always know his name. He bounced in and out of consciousness, and twitched and moaned a good bit.

I managed to get the nurses to check on him; they felt that this was a side effect of oxycontin. His dinner was there, and I did get him to eat sugar free jello and drink some diet soda. I felt this was a reasonable success, considering his level of coherence.

I discussed with my mother the facts that: his blood sugar needs to come down, and she needs to stop enabling him. I suggested that she only stock healthy foods in the house. She replied that he would only go out and buy things, which is probably true, but hell at least he'd have to make the effort to go out.

She also seemed to feel that she wasn't responsible for knowing what meds he's taking. She was mad that the EMTs who picked him up Monday expected her to be able to tell whether his face looked normal. Basically, she's abdicating all responsibility. Well, that's fine, but that means she abdicates control, and I'm going to take over. There is no more fucking ice cream in his fucking future.

To clarify what's going on, here's what I told my sister today (excuse the typos - I was under a good bit of stress):

I seem to have lost your telephone number. I apologize, because I'd rather talk to you on the phone than e-mail you, but here goes.

I talked to Daddy's doctor today, because Mother can't or won't give a good idea of what's going on. Daddy should be fine. He's not in great shape right now, and he'll be in the hospital at least until Monday, but his doctor doesn't seem terribly worried right now.

What's wrong: He has an UTI and pneumonia. The doctor doesn't know which cames first. However, what caused the super high fever and related confusion was sepsis, which is bacteria in the bloodstream -- the same bacteria that caused his UTI. The odd thing about it is that the UTI in and of itself isn't all that bad, yet it spread to his bloodstream. Granted, diabetes makes one more susceptible to systemic infections, but it's still a bit weird.

When he came in, they did a chest x-ray which did not pick up his pneumonia, probably because he is so big. The doctor picked that up later listening to his lungs. Because he had such a high fever, they did a spinal tap to check for meningitis. Daddy does not have meningitis.

They did a CAT scan because of his confusion, and found that he had NOT had a stroke; however, they did find a serious of small aneurysms. (I commented that these might have been caused by my teen years, but the doctor disagreed ;-) ). They really want to do an MRI to follow up on this, but Daddy is too big to fit into the hospital MRI. The doctor says they will try to get him a commercial/open MRI/MRA after he's out of the hospital and healthy.

When he checked into the hospital, Daddy was dehydrated, and his kidneys were "agitated." I suspect that's from the UTI. The doctor said they did an ultrasound of the kidneys and one is "funny shaped," but a CAT scan of the belly did not show tumors.

So that's what's going on. Number one, Daddy needs to lower his blood sugar. The doctor says Daddy is 69 and not likely to change his lifestyle. I think he might want to consider it.

I talked to Aunt [name deleted], who is planning to talk to Daddy this afternoon.

You can reach Daddy at [telephone number].

Note: My father's blood sugar was over 200 this evening. Normal blood sugar levels, according to the American Diabetes association, are in the low to mid 100s. MY MOTHER GAVE HIM ICE CREAM. WTF, OVER?!?!? ARGH!!!!

Tomorrow I will be having some words with the head nurse to the effect that my mother is clearly non compos mentis [sp?] and therefore I should be setting my father's menu. There will also be more words with my mother. My father, too, if he's actually conscious.

I'm exhausted. I do not feel that one should ever have to be in a position to have to spoon feed one's parent. Ever. How awful to see one's father so helpless.

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12:04 am - Brief update

My biofamily puts the fun back into dysfunctional.

My spouse is cute even when he's sick with a nasty flu bug. Here's hoping I don't get sick too.

Office packed up and ready to go.

To do:

  • Call hospital patient advocate about my father (more about this later, when I am rested)
  • Call my primary care doctor about the referral I was promised two days ago
  • Call specialist to reschedule appointment
  • Call spa to schedule appointment for monthly hair-ripping-off
  • Pay power bill
  • Pay phone bill
  • Pay Mom's house water bill
  • Pay Mom's house electric bill
  • Do we have a water bill?
  • Buy more time for my phone
  • Call my aunt with updates on father
  • Buy gooshyfood for kittehs
  • Buy chew toys for puppehs
  • Remind hotel sales guy about December Threads event
  • Make hotel reservations for Work Weekend
  • Bake something with the leftover apples
  • Figure out what to do to make sick spouse more comfortable
  • Fall down go boom (but I am back up again)
  • But why is the rum gone?

P.S. If you wanna do the "ask me a question" thing, by all means, shoot. Comments on *this* post are screened. If you want them to remain anonymous, please let me know, kthx. Chances are I'll leave them all anonymous unless I forget.

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March 4th, 2008

08:40 pm - It's raining, it's pouring...

... it is in fact raining. There's a tornado watch, too. Welcome to Washington, DC, Metro weather + Global Warming.

I spoke to my father on the phone and he's lucid, but clearly feels lousy. He did not want visitors in the hospital tonight, so I took the opportunity to go home and get rest instead. Chances are that he's doing the family Britishism of a "stiff upper lip" and all that, but if he feels yukky enough not to want visitors, I'll honor that wish.

In other, happier news: There are baby lambs at the farm I drive by during my morning commute. They are ridiculously cute bounding across the field with their wobbly nobbly legs. The geese are flying north. I saw some redwinged blackbirds this morning. I have also seen a number of groundhogs, who look a bit grumpy at having awakened from their winter naps. This morning I saw two mockingbirds bouncing up and down on the ground and squawking in a territorial dispute. I guess it's spring!

Tabasco is huge.

Office move is proceeding. Took a Ben & Jerry's break with coworkers today for the sake of mental health. It was good.

I am rather tired and may well retire early. The office move is really taking it out of me. We've stirred up a ton of dust, and all of us are sniffly. Hurray for allergies... not.

There is something distinctly flattering about having an old crush contact one out of the blue.

Still researching genealogy. My mother seemed offended that one of her ancestors was an indentured servant to one of Gordon's ancestors. I took it in stride, because dude, when you track family back that far, who knows what kind of mess you'll uncover? Also, it appears I am eligible for DAR and DAC, which amuses me rather ridiculously.

Still trying to track down the maybe-illegitimate-great-uncle.

In unrelated news, I love my solar-phallic sex cult and I love my brethren. So there.

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February 18th, 2008

08:55 pm - Posty McPostersons

Bathtub filling.

Throat scratchy. Probably coming down with the crud everybody else seems to have.

Postponed personal trainer until tomorrow night, in hopes of feeling better. Can exercise before Threads meeting. Whee!

I want cake.

In female TMI news... )

Am presently documenting the part of the family tree that links me to larpwriting. We are indeed VERY distant cousins, both directly descended from Edward Bolling, who lived in Chellow, Yorkshire, England, about 1510-1543. So that's like fifteen generations ago. Interesting, eh?

Posting polls to [info]off_topic_cafe seems to work better than posting them here. Win!

Back to the family shrub!

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January 29th, 2008

12:34 am - Holy Crap, Cousins!

Today I took advantage of ancestry.com's offer of 14 days free membership to poke around in my sordid family history. I've been having a fabulous time, let me tell you. I ran into a family tree that had information about my maternal grandmother. I e-mailed the author of this family tree to ask for help verifying some information. I received the following e-mail...

They're cousins... )

Wow, that really takes the cake. For what it's worth, I've never met our maternal grandparents either (to my knowledge they have both since passed on). My family really does put the "fun" back into "dysfunctional."

Needless to say I wrote her a nice e-mail back. Yay! Another cousin!

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December 25th, 2007

09:27 pm - "You're a cruel man, Jack Sparrow."

I want to say something about how I spent Christmas Day, but I'm not feeling terribly articulate at the moment. Went to the parents' house for gift opening and dinner. There were good points, and there were bad points. Still, any paid day off from work, spent largely with the spouse, is an overall good thing.

Don't know how much longer the paternal unit is for this world. Perhaps I will have more to say about this later... perhaps not. No need to dwell on it, is there?

Mother still crazy.

Sister still entertaining.

For now, home again, watching Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End with the spouse, in the nice warm drawing room. I have ale. I have comfy blanket. Will go to bed early to be sure to get to work on time in the morning.

"This isn't just a spoke in my menstrual cycle." --Veronica Sawyer, Heathers

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