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May 7th, 2009

09:27 am - Lily Allen gay collab, stolen from ashbet

Lyrics are indeed NSFW, but so charming.

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May 2nd, 2008

04:53 pm - Thanks to Brother Paul, I can continue to promote the Gay Agenda!

Ganked from my dear brother, paulrhume...

In order to keep up with the latest issues to stir up Don Wildmon and his AFA organization, I have an address on their mailing list.

The latest thing to push Wildmon's button is that As The World Turns has added a gay male couple to their cast of characters. Apparently they even kiss each other from time to time. Apparently, like many kisses on modern soaps, the kisses include tongue.

This is, the AFA informs us, to desensitize viewers, especially schoolchildren, to gay sex, so that they will be more accepting of the homosexual agenda's unrelenting push for gay marriage. The only soap I ever ran home to watch as a school child was Dark Shadows (which certainly dates ME). Doubtless sensitizing me to the gothic and vampiric agenda.

The Satanic organization behind this latest assault on the sensibilities of America is none other than Procter and Gamble? Remember the 666 hidden in their logo, in the Man in the Moon's beard? Well boy, are they living up to it!

P&G has setup an 800 number to poll people about the gay storyline on As The World Turns. Dial 1-800-331-3774, then hit 1 for English. Enter 2 for the menu option polling about ATWT, then hit 1 to indicate approval, 2 to indicate disapproval.

Naturally, Donny's email insisted we dial, hit 1,2,2 and hang up. I fatfingered it and hit 1,2,1. Darn.

I seem to have made the same selection... 1,2,1. What a pity, eh?

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