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April 7th, 2008

12:40 pm - This weekend, and some girl stuff

This weekend I got to pet a retired champion Mastiff. He was very very cute, with extremely soft fur. Yay big puppehs!

I also had the pleasure of eating at the Famous 4th Street Delicatessen. I give it 6 out of 5 noms, because I didn't eat another meal that day. Also, the bonus of a warm complimentary chocolate chip cookie!

Had a nice refreshing drink (cold cider w/Captain Morgan's) at the City Tavern. Learned of Bluecoat American Dry Gin (it's not really all that dry... actually it's rather fruity-tasting, which *I* like); it comes in a pretty bottle, which I bought.

Assisted in the production of homemade lemon scones.

Mocked episodes III and II of the Star Wars saga, because, well, one kinda has to mock them. Posted a video along those lines yesterday.

Now for the girl stuff, which is cut for the squeamish. TMI within, and a rant. Now remember, if you read behind this cut, you have nobody to blame but yourself. I won't be the only one pointing and laughing if you whine. )


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March 30th, 2008

08:40 pm - My Sundae Brings All the Boys to the Yard

Scones, tea, and sympathy delivered to lizs18. I managed to run ridiculously late, arriving just as the last dregs of stuff were leaving her former apartment. Gave N a ride to the Metro. Drove up to lizs18's temporary new place, and arrived as G & C were loading the final wardrobe (no lion and witch seen within) into the townhouse. lunapuna heated water, while I put out tea and scones as dessert with the pizza lizs18 provided to her fabulous moving crew. I <3 American moving feasts.

Went to zombiedog's bday party, which was fun. Sadly, I was kinda tired, so probably not as social I might have been otherwise. Took some pictures at the party, which may appear here later. Had fun. Poor larpwriting was so tired that he fell asleep in the bathroom after getting fairly shitfaced. This caused us some degree of concern, because when someone is in the bathroom for a long time after a night of hard drinking... well, you get the idea. He was actually fine... though I suspect he could use to have more than one hour of sleep a night now and then.

This morning we had brunch with auror, ran a few errands, and headed home. Fed the cats "prime filets" turkey gooshyfood. This was met with much enthusiasm. Then I fell asleep and napped for several hours.

Had a fun little expedition to one of the local ice cream parlors. Sunday is officially "[info]chickgonebad gets ice cream" day. This is part of my effort to cut back on sweets. I have found that if I have the promise of a treat in the future, it's easier not to take an immediate treat. I can just tell myself, "Well, I get to have ice cream on Sunday." So I did, and so did larpwriting.

Now I am home running laundry. And slacking. Mostly slacking, but larpwriting will have clean pants for work tomorrow. I may have accidentally placed one of my bras into the dryer... this should be interesting.

In other news, I am getting a bit alarmed by how much it costs to fill the gas tank these days. It's rather offputting when one wonders whether one can afford to drive to work! (Public transportation still costs more, alas).

Here's why sometimes I have to hit men on the head with a clue-by-four, as seen on somewanker's journal: Clueless Guys Can't Read Women

My father gets outpatient prostate surgery done Monday. No, I didn't know there was a problem until now. My family really does put the fun into dysfunctional. I have to mention, also, that I simply don't find the idea of microwaving someone's crotch to be a good idea under any circumstances.

Fascinating to me: 'Doe Network' works to give names to the dead. Sounds kinda like puzzle solving, admittedly, a bit macabre. Maybe I'll get into this when I've traced my ancestry as far as I can from home.

Unexpected beauty (NSFW): This woman is beautiful. Look at her beaming smile!

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March 4th, 2008

01:23 pm - My father is in the hospital

Note from the maternal unit:


This is Tuesday.
I just came home for a while...

Frederick is in Arlington Hospital.

I was out yesterday for a while - doing a newsletter. When I got home I poked my head into the bedroom and asked what he wanted for dinner. I didn't sense anything unusual until a few times I kept going back in to the room and he was not doing what he kept saying he was going to do - get dressed. Just sat on the bed ....

He was not well but could not or would not tell me what was wrong.
Was not coherent.

I called the ambulance.
Last eve he had a temp of 103.
Has in infection. ER tried to find why - where the infection was.
Tried to do a test in his spine but no luck.
He was admitted last night / early this am.
Today they found he has an unirary (?) infection. They did the test on his spine.
He is sleeping at the moment - I think he was sedated after the spine test.
I slept at the hospital last eve. about 4 am to about 6 am when they woke him up to to the spinal test.

Saturday we were out and a florist tried to deliver flowers - left them across the street with a neighbor.
I asked him to go get them. I watched him come back and wondered if I should not have asked him to go. He has trouble with his knees and there is a hill up to their porch. When he got back home he "fell? on our front steps. He said he did not know if he fell or fainted.
He could not get up. The knees / legs would not work. A lady neighbor tried to help get him up but we couldn't - so he said to call 911. Then he "panicked" (?) because he got a pain in his side / chest (not heart side).

At the hospital they tested and found his blood count weas 517 - he is diabetic. Said he could not go home until it was down to 200. He was given insulin and it went down to 365 +- . He was given another injection and the next test it was up to 380. Said he was not going to be admitted and we went home about 4:30 a.m.

He takes about 8 different pills a day - About $6,000 a year.

Well, Hope for the best. I will be going back to the hospital soon.

I will keep you informed.

Fathers are not allowed to die until their daughters work out all their parental issues.

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January 18th, 2008

09:36 am - Tweak says, "momma said knock you out!"
Never drinking from a hotel room glass again. I'll bring my own, kthx.
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December 17th, 2007

09:30 am - Vitamin D

Today I started 3000 IU of Vitamin D (3000 IUD?), as an experiment to see if it helps with the fibro. If it does, I will have a party in my pants. If I'm wearing pants at the time, that is.

My office is fricken cold. I think something is wrong with the heat. Maybe if I call a beach hotel I will hallucinate that I am warmer. Maybe if the heat doesn't get fixed they will let us go home.

I am sorting a list of abstinence education providers. I am finding it offensive how many of them use names like a "a woman's choice" or "a woman's concern." Hello, doesn't it take TWO to tango? Can't HE keep it in his pants? I mean, I don't even think abstinence education works, and research backs me up on this, but it does go both ways...

My parents are technologically retarded and do not have wishlists. Maybe I will train them in the ways of the intarwebz. Maybe I am crazy to think I have that level of patience.

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September 21st, 2007

11:29 pm - Lymey!

Poor Melanie tested positive for Lyme again. The vet says, "She may have been reinfected, or it may be a chronic condition. We can treat her with antibiotics again." So we are. Larpwriting will pick up her meds, along with Pill Pockets, tomorrow (fortunately Melanie likes anything even slightly resembling treats).

This makes it all the more timely that I'll be tested for Lyme on Monday. To paraphrase a friend, I'm kinda 50/50 on which result I want. Positive would explain a lot, but be a pain in the ass; negative would mean I have to keep pounding my head against the brick wall of trying to diagnose what's wrong with me.

Oh yeah, I got a call from the sleep center. They've ordered a CPAP for me and scheduled a followup with the doctor. I wonder how they will feel when I tell the doctor "Not only no but Hell No." I can't sleep with that thing. It will keep the spouse awake too. How is this beneficial to anyone?

At least I managed a workout today. I swear that's one of the few things that keeps me going. I'd like to lose some weight, and starving doesn't work. Exercise at least makes me feel better, most of the time...

Today was a bad breathing day. It's allegedly code green for air quality, but try telling that to my lungs. They disagree. I had to use the albuterol today, which I barely ever need to do. Exercising helped, a little. I didn't dare go near the pool, though -- the chlorine would have sent me over the edge!

Soon it's to bed with me, or at least it will be as soon as I round up the goats for tomorrow!

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August 27th, 2007

11:03 am

So, went to the pussy doctor Ob/Gyn. Everything works as intended. Hurray for that.

On the PCOS front, doc says, "See an endocrinologist." So I'm pursuing that. Last time I tried to get a referral to an endo from my PCP, his staff refused to give me one. This time they either give me the referral or I get a new PCP. Right now I am waiting for a coworker to give me the name of her endo, since she seems happy with...

In other news, net change to weight appears to be up 3 pounds from last week. Considering that my first charted weigh-in was after days of nothing much other than soup, I'll cope and consider it even. Still going to have salads and soups, mostly. I mean, why not?

Need to do WBL treasury stuff and finish coming up with a menu for PPOC.

It appears that Vera escaped the other weekend due to human error; that is, someone removed the lock from the gate. Gordon is replacing the lock. We may or may not give a key to the neighbor kid.

I asked Gordon whether he'd seen a bag of apples that I accidentally left somewhere in the house. He said he hadn't, but that it explained why he'd been seeing fruit flies... *sigh*

Electronic timesheet training today. Woot.

Oh, and Alberto Gonzales resigned. Win!

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August 26th, 2007

08:10 pm - My adventures

This weekend had the advantage of my not being poisoned, which made for a more enjoyable Saturday. Went to scenic New Hope. Saw a very cute beagle, petted her, and traded "naughty beagle" stories with her dad. Toured the newage (rhymes with sewage) shops, giggled at Psychic Self Defense (this because a wise man once told me that some people oughn't to be allowed to read Dion Fortune, and I think he's right), failed to buy anything there. Intended to go into a record store that was going out of business, but got distracted by bright shiny things and forgot. Ate a yummy salad and bread with goat cheese on it. Was lured into an Indian clothing store by a bright shiny top, decided against spending money on it at this time, but did buy pretty earrings for $10 and a blouse for $15 (win!). Elsewhere, bought a wind-up trotting pony. Found a gift for [info]jessicamelusine, which will be delivered at Bufficrucians. Ate locally made ice cream. Looked at duck peeps; may have peeped at them. Admired swans who thought they were badass. Committed lascivious acts that will not be recounted here; was told that was "pretty hot."

Saw The Bourne Ultimatum and Stardust this weekend; enjoyed both. Different reasons, as will be obvious to anyone who has seen the films. "I hear gunshots. I think they're American." Hee hee hee. Unrelated to the prior comment, Robert De Niro is a god.

Refrained from bringing a basset hound home to larpwriting. It was a close one. That and the weinerdog... they were trying all the cute puppydog eye tricks on me.

I baked apple cake this weekend. I was going to bake apple muffins, but I forgot my muffin pan, so it became cake instead. I think that's about a week's worth of breakfasts, perhaps more, if properly stored.

Meanwhile, back at the Manse, larpwriting has been doing toilet repairs. He discovered that the previous owners of our home used particleboard for flooring under the 2nd floor toilet. Um... yuk. He's replacing it. In the long run, our house will be in better shape than when we got it, but it sure does take time. And money. And we have neither in profusion.

As of this morning, I'd lost a few pounds, but I can't remember what my weight was. That makes the whole weight tracking thing a little challenging. Maybe I'll brave the scale here later.

On the way home, saw zillions of sleek, healthy groundhogs. Many looked indignant. Groundhogs almost always look indignant.

Tomorrow is the annual visit to the pussy doctor Ob/Gyn. Here's hoping everything still works (it seemed to, earlier today)! I need to be prepared to demand that the doctor test me for PCOS. Then I need to have a plan for what to do about it...

I finished reading Accidental Christ. It's a good book. I started reading Angels & Demons because it was on the coffee table; didn't get very far. Perhaps I'll check out a copy from the library and finish it. Still can't find my copy of Perdurabo.

Didn't win Powerball. No bids on Mom's house yet.

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