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June 12th, 2008

10:39 am - *poing*poing*poing*

Was exhausted this morning, falling asleep at the wheel, so I took half a Provigil. Now I am awake. I am SO awake. Bouncy-bouncy-bouncy.

The cafe in my office building has pistachio muffins. OM NOM NOM. Sulisathena says she has recipe. Win!

Also planning to try out a recipe for Blueberry-Ginger Icebox Pie, because dude, why not?

I found a pair of reading glasses at the dollar store that are in the magnification I seem to need. Also, they scream "nerdy librarian" for the win. I showed them to a coworker, who exclaimed that I also need the chain to hold them around my neck. I vote purple beads.

Today I need to do the following:

  • Hot date w/larpwriting.
  • Call the mortgage company.
  • Call in prescription refills(1).
  • Update site info on Roast evite.
  • Make reservations for Sunday brunch.
  • Make reservations for Tortuga Dead Dog Party.
  • Finish packing for this weekend(2).

Death to all who oppose us.

(1) Oops, left info at home, so maybe tomorrow. Fortunately, this is not a going to run out overnight.
(2) This may include bemoaning the dearth of tiaras, but I found my moviestar sunglasses, so all is well!

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March 31st, 2008

09:45 am - Monday Morning, you sure look fine

Brought to you by sophistbastard, whom as we all know lives a chaste and sober life: Students of Virginity.

Okay, more power to them if they truly want to remain abstinent, but I still wonder if most people don't make this choice out of fear. I think it's sad to live in fear. Still, if that's what they want... well, I have no way to know another's will, do I?

Granted, I want my deathbed scene to be all about me, captivating all my nieces and nephews with tales of alligator wrestling and skydiving and steamy affairs with movie stars... none of this, "Oh woe, I wish I had..."

It's dark and misty out today. I was falling asleep in the car on the way to work, and had to break down and take a Provigil. Tomorrow is April Fools' Day, and I go to FOSE. Coincidence? Hopefully I will not be fooled, and I will learn a thing or two along with getting many nifty freebies to share at work.

I found out this weekend that I wasn't the last person to see these (NSFW!) videos:

Today's construction photographs:

ETA: Not exactly safe for work, but funny...

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