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October 26th, 2008

06:22 pm - Rude Pundit, how I love thee

About Proposition 8. "...considering that California's income is based on the entertainment industry, the high-tech industry, and, to some extent, wineries, alienating gay people seems a bit like punching yourself in the crotch repeatedly."

Can anyone give me a cogent argument against gay marriage? I mean, really. How the hell does it hurt my marriage for two consenting adults to marry, no matter what their gender?

(6 bitches. | Bitch, Please)

September 3rd, 2008

05:23 pm - Abstinence Only Until Marriage

I am still in love with the Rude Pundit. A warning: If you think for a minute that anything the Rude Pundit says is EVER safe for work, heaven help you when you have to enter the real world.

(Bitch, Please)

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