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April 16th, 2009

10:07 am - Thursday Poll

Herein lies danger. And extra sodium. )

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April 9th, 2009

01:42 pm - Largely ganked from Wonkette!

Thursday poll. )

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March 5th, 2009

10:37 am - Friday Poll!

Blame Canada for the deeply offensive images and verbiage within. )

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Current Mood: [mood icon] silly

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February 19th, 2009

11:23 am - Friday Five on Thirsty Thursday

Now put that in your pipe and smoke it. )

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Current Music: construction outside

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December 18th, 2008

06:23 pm - Thirsty Thursday Poll

This may not be safe for work. Or life. But then, these polls rarely are. )

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Current Mood: punchy
Current Music: Star Trek "The Menagerie" via Netflix
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December 4th, 2008

05:14 pm - Poll Dancing!

You should be deeply offended by this poll. )

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November 20th, 2008

02:53 pm - Thursday Poll

Thursday poll. )

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Current Mood: [mood icon] silly

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October 23rd, 2008

03:48 pm - Thursday Poll

In which we study the hard hitting questions of the U.S. Political Scene. )

Current Mood: [mood icon] amused

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September 25th, 2008

11:20 am - Friday Five Poll a day early

Blame Canada for this poll. )

Current Mood: cheeky

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September 11th, 2008

12:58 pm - Thursday Poll

Click here for a little pussy. )

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August 14th, 2008

12:31 pm - POLL!

The stupid, it burns, but here's a salve that will clear that right up: Read more... )

Current Mood: [mood icon] crazy

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May 15th, 2008

05:28 pm - Belated Humping

hump day poll )

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Current Mood: [mood icon] bored

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