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May 12th, 2009

11:30 am - Tweet, horoscope, update

Tweets for Monday 11 May 2009. Read more... )

Taurus Horoscope for Tuesday, May 12: You're feeling pretty great about how the day is going -- and your good energy keeps you motoring along all the way through it! You can make amazing progress on almost any personal project.

I just broke off romantic relations with someone whom I love dearly. It's a long story and I don't know if I'll ever really want to write about it. Suffice it to say that I am sad, and angry, and relieved, all at the same time.

I've decided to move my journal to Dreamwidth, at least for the time being. I'll crosspost to IJ for a while, which I suppose is fine since I have a lifetime membership there. I was able to import all my entries from LJ and IJ, and my friends lists, so you should be able to opt in on any of my dirty feelthy filters if you did before. I might even pay for my access someday. We shall see!

Crossposted from Dreamwidth.

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April 17th, 2009

09:08 am - Twittering

Tweets for Thursday 16 April 2009. Read more... )

Also, in the I'm not really surprised, considering that my mother puts the "fun" into "dysfunctional" department, my horoscope today says: Expect quite as bit of acting out today -- your family and coworkers are all trying to out-weird each other, it seems! If you can just roll your eyes and let them play, you should find that they settle down soon.

I've been rolling my eyes, because there is little else I can do. It wouldn't surprise me greatly if my mother sold off my grandparents' Chinese furniture just to spite me, but I'm hoping she won't. As Valmont said, numerous times, "It's beyond my control."

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April 9th, 2009

08:42 am - Quick update

To do:

  • Book DD Party for Salem (in progress, phone tag, they're it; it's booked but we need to confirm the menu and pricing)
  • Call Wade at A-1 to be sure he got my fax
  • Call Wells Fargo to confirm their receipt of my fax
  • Return laminator to M/B
  • Buy more champagne and OJ?
    bought OJ and diet coke; someone else can buy champagne
  • Whatever else I am forgetting at the moment

I love my solar-phallic sex cult.

And now, the past three days in twitter. )

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April 5th, 2009

06:52 am - Tweets

Tweets for Saturday 4 April 2009. Read more... )

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April 2nd, 2009

12:45 pm - Updates, AFA, and tweets

Had a lovely small chick dinner and cocktails in honor of [info]firehorse being in town. Got to dine with [info]osym, [info]kitten_goddess, LA, and PF as well. Recessions is a so-so bar. Service mixed. Food very unimpressive. Cosmo unimpressive. Margarita didn't suck. But the company was lovely! It was so nice to be able to hang out with chicks and just talk and hang. Got home entirely too late, but that's okay because Wednesday is my work-from-home day (sleep until a little before nine, brush teeth, walk to computer, instead of getting up at 6 and driving to work).

I always feel better after an impromptu chick gathering. The energy is so damn positive. I need to remember this when I am down. I love my girls so damn much!

In other news, apparently it's okay to get the nation trillions of dollars in debt for an unjustified war, but not to help people out of financial trouble.

Don Wildmon=Ebeneezer Scrooge? You decide. )

I truly despise Don Wildmon. When he dies I hope he is sodomized by demons with barbed penises in his hell.

In other other news, tweets for yesterday, Wednesday 1 April 2009. Read more... )

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January 11th, 2009

10:30 pm - Back in the saddle, sorta

Tomorrow I need to visit the client office and present the revised website. With variable hearing. That'll be a laff-riot, I am sure.

I also need to do the following:

  • update GPS (which thinks that many places I regularly visit don't exist)
  • update ipod (so I can actually use it)
  • buy dog food (so Melly doesn't starve)
  • call doctor #1 (demand referral to ENT)
  • call doctor #2 (did I miss an appt in December?)
  • call sheraton (walkthrough, prices)
  • call marriott (walkthrough)
  • call BW (prices)
  • bring kava kava to J
  • buy tickets to Repo
  • the usual "whatever else I'm forgetting

Today I managed to take the trash out, run a lot of laundry, give Melly many pettins which she loved, scritch the kitties and refill their food/water, work out a little, and visit with E & J (which caused much Twitter ranting thanks to Uwe Boll). E made yummy pasta for dinner. I am tired but I can breathe, even if I can't all the time hear.

Yesterday I was visited by the Junk Food Fairy. I went to the grocery store to buy diet soda, yogurt, fruit, you know, stuff like that. I told myself I could buy a burrito which is SO not on WW plan, but not the worst thing ever either. I looked at baked goods. I considered them. I did not buy any. When I got home, I had a grocery bag containing two containers of Pringles, a bag of Chips Ahoy, a Reeses bar, and Skittles. I did not buy these. They are not on my receipt.

Probably they belonged to the lady who was in line before me. I dunno. By the time I got home it was too late. I decided I could have the Chips Ahoy. I don't like Skittles and I don't like Pringles, so they are sitting in the drawing room awaiting their fate.

Needless to say, I am SO back on plan tomorrow.

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January 9th, 2009

08:54 am - Tweak says, "Stupid lizard."

Apparently eating at Red Robin, while delicious, did not agree with my rather particular g.i. tract. This meant waking up around 4am covered in sweat and suffering from major intestinal pain. You can surmise the rest, if you really want. At any rate, it meant I stayed home yesterday. On the bright side, jessicamelusine gave me a very nice Cute Overload shirt!

I worked from home, actually, because in spite of any abdominal discomfort and sleep dep (which really meant driving to work would be dumber than a box of hammers), there was this website that we've put up for the client. It needed some work. And a publication to format for web publication. And a grantee list. And so on.

J has been helping me make hotel phone calls, since I am still deafish. This is great. Hoping for a site for USD soon. Regardless, I know the game will be fabulous.

I'm having an allergic reaction to something. Hives all over my upper legs and some on my arms. It started before I took a bath. I bathed and it didn't get any better. In fact I think it's spread. Clearly this is not a contact allergy... it must be something I ate. I am hoping it's not my new vitamins, but I skipped them today and took a Benadryl. I have an Epi-Pen if I need it. Hoping not.

G has been awesome and supportive through my illness. It's got to be frustrating for him of all people not to be able to talk to me. And of course after being ill and barely functional for over a month, I'm depressive girl.

Calling to ask for a referral to an Ear Nose & Throat specialist later today. This deafness has gone on too long. Yes, it's somewhat better, and I even heard the radio clearly for a few moments today, but COME ON.

This is for [info]stori_lundi: Puffin Hoax Revealed. Really, the entire site is golden, but that just totally made me think of her.

Booked the hotel for Chick Weekend at the Big Gay Beach! So excited. [bouncing around, waving arms]

I'm sure I had something else to say. It might even have been entertaining. Now, alas, I must get to working for the salary I supposedly get paid. So you will have to settle for yesterday's Twittering.

Tweets for Thursday 8 January 2009. Read more... )

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March 14th, 2008

08:53 pm - Eh, what's up, doc?

I've been busy.

Office move happened. Still unpacking. Still organizing. I had help, too -- three temps, two working the library full-time and one part-time. Thank goodness for them, or I'd have been working around the clock to keep up with my regular work as well as the move.

Also dealing with "father in the hospital" issues. They checked him out on Tuesday. He claims that my mother is only letting him have one or two sugar-free cookies a day; naturally, I have no way of verifying this, short of living at their house (something I have no intention of doing). He also has a visiting nurse and visiting physical therapist, which I think is a good thing.

I haven't been in touch with my aunt or my sister for a couple of days. I really should touch base with them...

Did get to spend some time with dear friends this week, and that was nice. indigo_eris and I had the pleasure of joining kakurowski in her hunt for a fabulous wedding dress. I think we may have found it, but OMG expensive. Hoping kakurowski can find someone to custom-sew the dress (adding a little blue and white accent) for less. Also had dinner and drinks with other friends.

While I remain cheerful, the week hasn't been the greatest. larpwriting locked his keys in the car Tuesday, and had to pay a locksmith an outrageous sum to get it out (and he talked them down by more than 60%). I made myself sick by eating too much crap... I must break the habit of stress-eating, and soon. Stress can make one prone to weight gain regardless. I have gained a visible amount of weight during the move and my father's hospital time. It's not just unpretty; it also makes me feel unwell. Feh.

Plus I need to cancel my LA Fitness membership, since it's no longer convenient to my office. I'm hoping to find a good price on a more convenient gym. If not, I'll just have to force myself to get exercise somehow. The slothful lifestyle is not going to cut it for me. I don't want to end up like my father.

Today at the office we had a fire. A real fire. The fire alarm went off, and I grabbed my coat and backpack, assuming that it was a false alarm, but you never really know. I sat outside with coworkers (including sulisathena) for a while. Eventually the fire department let us back in, but only the emergency lights were on.

I heard a rumor that there had been an electrical fire caused by water from the ladies room dripping onto wiring. This might be true.

Eventually we got an announcement on the PA that we had to shut off our computers. The network was being shut down because we had to shut off the electricity (this included the soda machine, which made me Diet Coke-less and sad). An executive assistant told me to go home. I told everyone else. As I left, one of the company executives was explaining to building management that we had to have electricity -- the company is working on a proposal this weekend, and can't wait until 7am Monday for the Fire Marshal to okay the power. I wish her success.*

Drove home, stopping for gas and soda along the way. Was pleased to be home before 7pm. That never happens.

Took care of the care and feeding of the menagerie. Right now, Tabasco is on the Bad Cat List.

Oh, I forgot to mention one other thing about work -- the contract for my project expires this weekend. Fortunately (since the RFP hasn't come out yet, so we couldn't exactly reapply), we got an eleventh-hour extension. This means I have a job to come back to on Monday. Oh sure, my employer would have paid me to be there and found me work, but it would have been... awkward.

We get cake on Monday, too. The Cake is NOT a lie.

indigo_eris is going to send me a list of tasty diabetic-friendly goodies to pass along to my father. I wonder if he didn't stop eating sweets because he wasn't offered any positive alternatives? So many doctors just say, "Don't do this." They don't say what you should do instead.

*ETA: I was able to log into the office network later in the evening, so I assume the boss was successful. Way to go, G!

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January 18th, 2008

11:20 pm - Happy Scrappy Hero Pup?

Quotes and rambling. )

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