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April 19th, 2009

10:01 pm - My joy is to see your joy.

Taurus for the Week of Apr 20th, 2009 -- The New Moon in your sign this weekend opens the door to new romantic possibilities. The key is to please yourself first. When you're having fun it makes you even more attractive to others. As long as you're not too selfish about it, your joy becomes a magnet that could make you everyone's favorite person at the party or on the playground.

Tweets! )

Also learned that "Fantasy Bear" is hilarious when read in a "Japanese Gameshow Host" voice.

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January 11th, 2009

10:30 pm - Back in the saddle, sorta

Tomorrow I need to visit the client office and present the revised website. With variable hearing. That'll be a laff-riot, I am sure.

I also need to do the following:

  • update GPS (which thinks that many places I regularly visit don't exist)
  • update ipod (so I can actually use it)
  • buy dog food (so Melly doesn't starve)
  • call doctor #1 (demand referral to ENT)
  • call doctor #2 (did I miss an appt in December?)
  • call sheraton (walkthrough, prices)
  • call marriott (walkthrough)
  • call BW (prices)
  • bring kava kava to J
  • buy tickets to Repo
  • the usual "whatever else I'm forgetting

Today I managed to take the trash out, run a lot of laundry, give Melly many pettins which she loved, scritch the kitties and refill their food/water, work out a little, and visit with E & J (which caused much Twitter ranting thanks to Uwe Boll). E made yummy pasta for dinner. I am tired but I can breathe, even if I can't all the time hear.

Yesterday I was visited by the Junk Food Fairy. I went to the grocery store to buy diet soda, yogurt, fruit, you know, stuff like that. I told myself I could buy a burrito which is SO not on WW plan, but not the worst thing ever either. I looked at baked goods. I considered them. I did not buy any. When I got home, I had a grocery bag containing two containers of Pringles, a bag of Chips Ahoy, a Reeses bar, and Skittles. I did not buy these. They are not on my receipt.

Probably they belonged to the lady who was in line before me. I dunno. By the time I got home it was too late. I decided I could have the Chips Ahoy. I don't like Skittles and I don't like Pringles, so they are sitting in the drawing room awaiting their fate.

Needless to say, I am SO back on plan tomorrow.

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September 28th, 2008

02:51 pm - Twittered

Weekend of fun! )

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April 27th, 2008

12:17 pm - Quinzième Anniversaire de Mariage

"Hurray, Hurray, the first of May: Outdoor suiving starts today!"

Technically it's not for a few more days. We celebrate this weekend, because we'll be spending the next preparing the Land for a season of LARP.

larpwriting surprised me with a lovely luncheon picnic in the park. Bread, wine, cheese, and other yummy things (thai chicken salad, om nom nom). It was a pretty day, lots of sunshine and a nice breeze. We were stalked by a couple of grackles who kept moving to closer trees, in hopes of scraps, I guess.

There were lots of people out fishing yesterday, though I didn't see anyone catch anything. One man had his brindled pug dog with him, and she got impatient with being tied to a post nearby. He untied her, so she ran up to the lawnchair where he was sitting, and wiggled a lot. I think that was the most action I saw from miscellaneous fishing people. The dog was super cute though.

We made an expedition to the Catoctin Wildlife Preserve and Zoo. It is a tiny zoo, but it has one distinct advantage -- you can see a lot of the animals. Also, because it's a small zoo, it's pretty easy to see the animals fairly close up. So we visited with some extremely bored sun bears (no zoo food for them), jaguars (no zoo food for them either, because I like my hands to remain attached), fallow deer (food yes), goats (food yes), llamas (food yes), a big tiger who reminded us of Murphy, alligators, non-venomous snakes, venomous snakes, cute bats, a vampire bat, lemurs (they like to move it move it), parrots, an owl, an emu (food yes), peacocks, Canadian geese who stalked us (food yes), a Mallard duck family with TINY BABY PEEPS!, zebra, armadillos (yes, alive; no, not moving much except for thrashing arms in sleep), TINY BABY PYGMY GOATS who got to eat a lot of zoo food (out of my hand!), turtles, flamingos ("You look like lawn ornaments," says larpwriting helpfully) and other animals. Sufficiently allergic, we made our merry way home.

There was a lovely country drive on the way to and from the zoo. On the way there we stopped at a tiny general store for ice cream. Let me tell you something -- they did NOT stint on the portions. I think I might still be full of ice cream. larpwriting's milkshake contained at least five large scoops of ice cream, so that he couldn't even get it through a straw at first. Decadent and yummy. Yay!

Once home, we had leftovers from lunch, and wine... it was a very nice day. More celebrating today.

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April 7th, 2008

12:40 pm - This weekend, and some girl stuff

This weekend I got to pet a retired champion Mastiff. He was very very cute, with extremely soft fur. Yay big puppehs!

I also had the pleasure of eating at the Famous 4th Street Delicatessen. I give it 6 out of 5 noms, because I didn't eat another meal that day. Also, the bonus of a warm complimentary chocolate chip cookie!

Had a nice refreshing drink (cold cider w/Captain Morgan's) at the City Tavern. Learned of Bluecoat American Dry Gin (it's not really all that dry... actually it's rather fruity-tasting, which *I* like); it comes in a pretty bottle, which I bought.

Assisted in the production of homemade lemon scones.

Mocked episodes III and II of the Star Wars saga, because, well, one kinda has to mock them. Posted a video along those lines yesterday.

Now for the girl stuff, which is cut for the squeamish. TMI within, and a rant. Now remember, if you read behind this cut, you have nobody to blame but yourself. I won't be the only one pointing and laughing if you whine. )


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February 17th, 2008

09:32 am - A Busy Magickian is I

It's been a great weekend so far. I've learned a great deal. I cannot begin to tell you how tired I am. I love my brethren and I love my religion.

"The method of science—the aim of religion."


Now I go bathe before heading out to brunch. Hurray for Mimosas! Also, I need a new notebook.

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February 10th, 2008

07:14 pm - Say it's only a paper moon...

Nice weekend. Friday night with brethren discussing a selected Crowley text, followed by a truly lovely ritual, followed by yummy food at Paper Moon. Got home super late/early depending on your point of view. Spent Saturday and today with the spouse. Relaxing is good.

Things I gotta do: Call insurance company; reschedule PT that I foolishly scheduled for Saturday, because I haven't yet perfected being two places at once; print a copy of Liber XV for myself; try to keep calorie intake at a reasonable level; make apple bread; who knows, lots of stuff to get done at work and it's a bit crazy.

I <3 Jon Stewart. 'Is this out of a conservative "madlib" speech book?'

Had other things to say, but can't remember.

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